Introducing One Blessing to Another...

One Blessing to Another is an initiative with a mission of providing financial assistance to one family in need per month. This initiative will fall under the umbrella of Visions Revealed Inc. In order to learn how to receive this benefit please visit

Channel 5 News Interview

Founder Tammara Caldwell-Willis interviews with anchor Joe Pagonakis from Channel 5 News about keeping kids out of lock-up.

Annual Toy Drive 

Join us in bringing joy this season by donating to our 13th Annual Toy Drive!

Baby Give Away

Thank you for the donated items that were given to make this event possible.

Homeless Food/Hygiene Drive in Progress 

Watch as we highlight the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers! Please visit to experience the gratification of volunteering with Visions Revealed Inc!

Sneak Peek.....

Many donated items to the Visions Revealed Inc. Community Giveaway. Due to their generosity - the event was a huge success.

Community Giveaway 

Wesley Robinson hosts Visions Revealed Inc.'s Community Giveaway. The Community Giveaway provided FREE items to the Luke Easter Park community.

Praise Dancer...

Praise Dancer Shirley Bell-Wheeler performs for the attendees of the Community Giveaway with a beautiful worship dance.

Interview with Art McKoy and Tony Musachio

on WERE 1490 FM

Visions Revealed details how they started their 12th Annual Toy Drive for Harvest Daycare in Cleveland, Ohio as well as how their organization began!

BU Radio Interview

Visions Revealed gives an informative interview with Jenna Jones on BU Radio!

Hustle Radio Interview

Founder and Co-Founder Tammara Caldwell-Willis and Tammyka Caldwell-Asberry share the vision and purpose behind Visions Revealed during an enlightening radio interview!


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