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A vision revealed.........


The Founder of Visions Revealed has been practicing the methodology of vision boards for eight (8) years. Tammara Caldwell-Willis has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management Degree and holds a Case Western Reserve University Women in Leadership Certification. She has also facilitated various successful workshops amongst adults and children. She currently works in collaboration with other individuals whom either have a non-profit organization and/or possess a strong heartfelt desire to improve their communities. She has assisted in the many fundraising efforts and the planning of events that benefit philanthropic entities. Tammara Caldwell-Willis has also developed and continues to lead an annual toy drive for the Original Harvest Missionary Daycare located in Cleveland, Ohio for the past twelve (12) years.

Our Story

Visions Revealed was birthed from a simple concept - if you can envision it, then you can surely achieve it! The founder of Visions Revealed was introduced to the "law of attraction" while viewing a documentary. She was utterly amazed at the possibility that dreams and goals can be realized by strategically placing these images in plain sight. After listening to numerous testimonials from people of all walks of life...she had to explore these possibilities.

Soon after being introduced to this concept, she began to create her own vision boards. It was amazing as she watched the very images that were placed on her boards - come to life!

Why Us?

Our team is dedicated to its mission of encouraging and assisting others in their pursuit of accomplishing their goals and visions. We believe in the power of changing your perspective on life in order to realize all that you were purposed for in this life.

An Idea Is Born

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The discovery of the power of the vision board birthed a desire to share this concept with others. Workshops were facilitated and the seeds of unlimited possibilities began to be spread.

Today we stand firm in the truth of what you place in your mind's eye is what you will bring into your life. Join us on the journey to exploring your full potential!


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