Visions Revealed 

Visions Revealed is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower the youth to pursue their goals in a vivid and strategic manner. We are also a committed Community Partner of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our intention is to create a positive and productive mindset for the participants of our mentoring and vision board workshops, so that they will begin to see beyond their current circumstances.


Our mission....

The mission of Visions Revealed is to partner with the youth in making their desires of success authentic tangible entities. Visions Revealed is designed to equip individuals (whom have a specific vision in mind) with the tools to manifest and birth their own personal dreams and goals into fruition.

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Visions Revealed seeks to coach individuals in the area of envisioning that burns in the very deepest part of their hearts and minds and brings it to life through intentional action.

Vision boards are a very useful and effective component of transforming an aspiration from being a dream to becoming a reality.

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Today we stand in the truth of what you place in your mind's eye is what you will bring into your life. Join us on the journey to accomplishing all that you were meant to achieve!